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Our Vision

Excellent service for the people of Polgahawela

Our Mission

Provission of services according to the government policies, resources cordination and unplifting  the livelihood of people through efficient sustainable and plannned - process with peoples perticipation.

History of Polgahawela Divisional Secretariat

Polgahawela has secured an important place in the history from ancient times. “Wattarama Rajamaha Viharaya the ancient temple , where “Maliyadeva Arahat thero” who is considered as the last monk to attain Arahanthship, or the enlightenment in Sri Lanka had been living in , is situated very close to Polgahawela DS area. After the “Thera's “parinirvana” the corpes(Dena) was conducted to a place where his sister was living in. That place where the corpes was conducted by a spiritual power (Irdhi) was named as “Denagamuwa” which is now a Grama Niladari(GN) division in Polgahawela Divisional Secretariat area.

  According to an another legend, “Prince Sapumal” who defeated the rullers in Jaffna (Yapa patuna) in nothern Sri Lanka had attained a divine status as “ Sapumal Bandara”. A temple(Devala) had been constructed in Udapola area (which is now a Grama Niladari division in Polgahawela Divisional Secretariate area) in the name of this deity. The people who are living in the area between Ma-oya river and Kolamunu Oya river pay their devotuion to this temple.

  Many temples in polgahawela area are situated in scenic mountaneous or rocky places in the area. “Na-oruwa kanda Raja Maha Viharaya, Yohgamuwakanda Raja Maha Viharaya, Panaliya Ransiri Vijayarama Viharaya, Puhuriya Viharaya, Okkandapola Viharaya, Koradoluwa Mayuragalarawa Viharaya , Maingamuwa Saila Gathikarama Viharaya are the most beautiful place that can be seen..

Role performed at DS

Name From To
 Mr. P.R. Dasanayaka  1963  
 Mr. U.B. Wijekoon    
 Mr. W.S. Perera    
 Mr. P. Welikanna    
 Mr. N.W. Weralupitiya  1979 1983
 Mr. S.M.A.L. Gunathilaka 1983 1987
Mr. H.M.P. Hitisekara 1987  
Mr. H.M. Gunathilaka    
Mr. E.W. Abeysekara  
Mr. W.M. Jayawardhana    
Mrs. H.P. Gnana Chandralal 1990 1991
Mr. W.M. Jayawardhana 1991  1994
Mr. J.M.D. Siriwardhana 1994 1995
Mr. W.M. Jayawardhana    
Mr. R.M.B.R. Monnankulama  1995 1996
Mr. K. Samarawickrama  1996 2003
Mr. A.H.S. Wijesinghe 2003 2007
Mr. D.M. Heenbanda 2007 2010
Mr. R.M.R. Rathnayaka 2010 2012
Mr. L.H. Ramyasiri 2012 2017

News & Events

Providing medicinal porridge

Providing medicinal porridge

Supply of porridge for the officers of...

Landslide warning for Polgahawela

Landslide warning for Polgahawela

Landslide Early Warning, Since the rainfall within...

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